А new casino by CASEXE - Jolly Roger – two brand new draws for prizes29/06/2017

А new casino by CASEXE - Jolly Roger –  two brand new draws for prizes

The company CASEXE announces the start of two competitions devoted to the brand new project officially presented at recent RGW 2017 – online casino Jolly Roger. The special offer guarantees a whole bunch of valuable presents, as well as the possibility to take part in a breathtaking race with your competitors, invite friends to the recently launched gambling house and get all sorts of unforgettable emotions.

1) “Race of deposits” draw

Conditions. Every alternate deposit brings gamblers additional points. The number of the latter depends upon the sum of a deposit. All the points are summed up and counted at the end of the gameplay. Special prizes are given out particularly to those gamblers who scored the biggest number of additional points for depositing.

2) A competition for streamers

Conditions. You may retain more gamblers and attract them to Jolly Roger by recording your personal gambling session in a form of a live stream. We will choose three winners among those streamers who attracted the maximum numbers of gamblers to the casino.

All the participants of the competition for streamers will be using a no deposit account with a certain amount of funds on it provided by Jolly Roger only in terms of this draw (the amount of money granted to streamers in order to participate in the competition depends upon the number of their subscribers and online views).


Official sponsors of the competition prepared a couple of prizes for the winners. Among them cash prizes of around $2000, no deposit bonuses accounting for $250, iPhone 7, gaming PCs, gaming video cards, video cameras and etc.

Find out more details about our special offers on the official webpage of Jolly Roger casino.

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