The CASEXE team is ready to create VR casinos26/12/2016

The CASEXE team is ready to create VR casinos

The Czech company CASEXE has recently announced about their intentions to launch a new type of casino complemented by the virtual reality. According to the specialists of the company, this promising development will fill the niche currently thought to be vacant on the gambling market. The general popularity of the VR/AR casino trend will keep increasing.

After some unsuccessful attempts of various developers to create virtual reality, the VR industry itself has undergone a new turn of evolution within the advent of technically advanced gadgets. Virtual reality literally trickles through almost every sphere of people’s lives. And virtual casinos are not an exception to the rule.

These days, the developers of online casino software are turning to VR technologies, day by day launching more and more exclusive products. The VR roulette, recently presented by Microgaming at a high-tech exhibition in the USA, is an illustrative example of advanced VR technologies.

Gamblers, plunged into the virtual reality, are able to move freely through gambling rooms, interact with different objects, and talk to the rest of visitors. All of the said above enables players to experience the full presence effect while they gamble virtually.

Taking into consideration the latest trends on the gambling market, the company CASEXE offered a new service to its clients, which is creation either of a virtual reality casino or of augmented reality casino. According to the managers of the company, the client eventually gets an entirely ready-made product that corresponds to the clients’ requirements and needs.

The company CASEXE created a separate department responsible for the VR casino projects, which includes development and testing of the innovative products, as well as advancement of the VR/AR technologies, and is all ready to please its clients with a new quality service.

Get a free consultation or order your own VR/AR casino clicking at “Products” on the official CASEXE webpage.

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