CASEXE presents TOP 5 major gambling issues of concurrent summer23/08/2017

CASEXE presents TOP 5 major gambling issues of concurrent summer

The gambling software developer, CASEXE, has issued a digest of key articles and surveys dedicated to gambling business within the outgoing summer. The compilation contains the most relevant information for online gambling operators, as well as for all people interested in the multi-billion-dollar industry.

Briefly on the main things

  1. Searching for reliable partners to operate an online casino project. How does one find companies that are ready to provide high-quality, safe, and reliable services, - the partners which are able to launch the project in time and conduct a massive testing of online casino website? CASEXE has described the details in the feature article.
  2. The number of female gamblers is growing exponentially. Women are happy to visit online casinos, play various games, and get a lot of emotions from the process. What should be offered to female audience, what kind of games do they prefer, how do they respond to losing at casino, and what is the difference between male- and female-oriented casino games? Read about it here.
  3. Internet and terrestrial gambling business activities have distinctive specialties as regards management, control, supply and demand. Currently, gemblers prefer online casinos more often than attend land based gambling houses. It is not only about the broadest vertical spectrum of the iGaming, but also the ability to play at own home, with comfort, without fuss and excessive stress. Find out the details about the features and tips of offline and online gambling business here.
  4. Do you know how much can you profit from the online casino? The CASEXE’s experts have analysed the market and agreed that it is difficult to tell precise figures because many external factors influenced the outcome. However, the developers fully agree in the following - the online casino must be equipped with the latest game software. The details - in the topical article.
  5. Cryptocurrency Bitcoin and Ethereum - what do we know about these digital currencies, apart from that they are famous for a decentralized system, anonymity and security, as well as fast transactions? CASEXE has developed a thematic review on how BTC & ETH interacting with each other, whether there is competition between them, and whether Ethereum could supplant Bitcoin by taking palm of victory in the cryptomarket.

Note: The CASEXE gambling company is a constant participant in different international gambling activities. On 19-20 September, the company's experts are heading to CEEGC 2017, where they are going to make a presentation at the business conference. Currently, it is possible to book an appointment with speakers. Find out additional info at the official site of developer.

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