Bitcoin Conference Minsk: Anna Bobeh will talk about boundless business opportunities05/10/2015

Bitcoin Conference Minsk: Anna Bobeh will talk about boundless business opportunities

In the framework of Bitcoin Conference, which will take place in Minsk on October 14-15, Anna Bobeh, who is the account-director of search engine marketing and web analytics department at Borovoy Studio, will talk about how to form a business strategy.

The theme of the speaker's report is "Limitless possibilities in a limited world: how an adequate website and proper promotion strategy can help to develop the business worldwide". Anna will reveal the secret of success of the company, developing software for online casinos.

Anna Bobeh came in the Internet industry 5 years ago; her portfolio contains hundreds of implemented projects for the largest Belarusian and international companies. Being the account-director of the search engine marketing and analytics department at Borovoy Studio, she actively participates in the development of corporate websites and online stores, search promotion of resources and creation of a unique brand for each customer.

Borovoy Studio is a leader of the domestic market of web development. It started to work 10 years ago and since then has introduced more than 500 projects. In 2011 and 2012, it was named the best in the Republic of Belarus on the results of a comprehensive evaluation conducted by Internet portal

The company is included in the list of leading studios of the CIS, being in the top 100. This list was made by Tagline in 2013.

Do not miss the presentation by Anna Bobeh at Bitcoin Conference Minsk on October 14-15, 2015. The topics of the conference include use of Bitcoin in gambling, analysis of the existing cryptocurrency market and behavioural strategies in Bitcoin gambling.

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