20% of players click on ad banners of other online casinos – CASEXE Science13/01/2017

20% of players click on ad banners of other online casinos – CASEXE Science

The Czech company CASEXE has conducted a marketing research regarding the question: “How do potential online casino clients behave toward banner ads”.

The said research was carried out in order to estimate approximate reaction of an average visitor to banner ads placed on websites and social media platforms. As a result, the experiment proved that around 20% of gamblers tend to click on the banner ads of the casinos other than those they usually gamble at, while the remaining 80% completely ignored advertising.

In terms of surveyed audiences, the research covered approximately 200 gamblers from Europe and CIS countries. The players that showed interest in the advertising offered by other resources claimed that they were attracted by the following criteria:

- Free bets – 70% of gamblers clicked on this ad;

- Promo and special offers– 60% of those surveyed;

- Bonuses – 59%;

- Significant Jackpot – 29%;

- Familiar name of the casino– 30%;

- Other reasons – 8%.

We remind that CASEXE is famous for its cross-functional solutions aimed at various online casino projects. The software and the rest of the products offered by this very brand are highly sought by aspiring entrepreneurs, as long as they enable them to launch their own online gambling resourse in a relatively short time and at minimum cost.

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